Massive storewide sale with everything up to 40% off. The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Core Set just $50, in addition to great discounts on expansions and boosters. For our Kings of War enthusiasts there are plenty of options with mega armies dropped to just $140, and standard army sets now $79.50. Big savings can also be found on individual units, heroes and warmachines, and with just over two months until the biggest Kings of War event on the Australian calendar at CanCon, there is still time to put that Kings of War army together. For those more into futuristic wargaming, Deadzone or Warpath might be more down your alley. For paints and modelling supplies check out our Army Painter range, in particular the Warpaints are at a massively reduced $3.25 each. And for those looking for some more scenery, Amera products offer some fantastic value, or alternatively Battlezones with their excellent modular terrain, including ruins and industrial kits to check out. Stocks are limited so grabs yours before they're gone.

Kings of War Cancon 2017
Clash of Kings - CanCon 2018
The Gaming Guy is proud to once again sponsor Clash of Kings at CanCon. Kings of War is in it's third year at CanCon and has been a massive hit, co tournament organisers Matt and Tasman run a fantastic event, I thoroughly enjoyed entering into it myself last year and would strongly encourage anyone into rank and flank wargaming to give it a crack. Numbers are already around the 40 mark with two months remaining, however I would urge everyone to grab their tickets now, CanCon itself sold out last year well before the actual event and I've heard that it is expected to happen again. Information on the event is available at Wargamerau Forum, the Facebook Event page or the Clash of Kings Website, so grab your tickets today before you miss out on the biggest Kings of War event in Australia.
Mantic Games
Restocks - MANTIC

Restocks from Mantic have recently arrived, including plenty of The Walking Dead Booster and Expansions, a few Deadzone faction boosters, Warpath two player starter sets, and stacks and stacks of Kings of War!. Check out everything at the Online Store.

Reaper Miniatures
Restocks - Reaper Miniatures

We've received a small bundle of Reaper Miniature Restocks, now available at the Online Store. For those that have never heard of Reaper Miniatures, they have a massive range of both metal and an inexpensive plastic from their bones range. Perfect if you are looking for all sorts of monsters, mounts, undead, heroes, demons, creatures, critters and much much more. 

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game
Restocks - The Walking Dead

Restocks from Mantic have recently arrived, including plenty of The Walking Dead Booster and Expansion restocks that ran out fast last time. Check out the entire Walking Dead range at the Online Store.

Restocks - Kings of War Army Sets

Restocks from Mantic have recently arrived, largely the army and mega army sets which had mostly been sold out. These are all fantastic value so check them out at the Kings of War section of the Online Store.

Sponsor of Kings of War BrisCon 2017

The Gaming Guy is proud to announce it's sponsorship of Kings of War tournament at BrisCon 2017 on the 29th & 30th of April, details for the tournament can be found on the BrisCon Website, Wargamerau Forum or the KOW BrisCon Event Facebook page.

Kings of War BrisCon 2017
Kings of War Movement Trays
Movement Trays - Back in Stock

We have most of the popular movement trays back in stock, with some of these running out the door every time we get some in. But numbers are very limited so grab yours fast!

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game
The Walking Dead: All Out War - Now Available
Now in stock is The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game. All Out War is a game of fast-paced, head-to-head skirmishes in the world of the Walking Dead. Assemble a group of your favorite characters from best-selling comic series, kit them out with a variety of weapons, items and abilities, and battle to achieve dominance in the Walker-strewn Atlanta cityscape. Experience first-hand the desperate struggle for survival faced by Rick and his companions as you negotiate constant threats from both the living and the dead. This is gaming as it should be!
Kings of War Cancon 2017
Updated - 15/09/2016
Kings of War in Australia - Cancon, Rankings, Website and more

Kings of War – Cancon 2017
Just wanted to update those not in the loop on things happening around the country for Kings of War. First and foremost the Kings of War event at Cancon in January 2017 will be an official Mantic Clash of Kings event. Information on the event is available here and via the players pack with tickets having just gone on sale. There is limited spots at Cancon, so grab yours ASAP or risk missing out. Plus, to encourage early sign ups the first 30 Kings of War entries go into a draw to win your choice of a KOW standard army set, or a copy of the Dungeon Saga core set. With 17 players already signed up yesterday, you better hurry to give yourself a chance to be in the draw.

Clash of Kings & KOW Australia Website
Further to Cancon there is also a Clash of Kings website that is being transformed into a Kings of War Australia website as a hub for information, including tournament calendar, links to some fantastic blogs and battle reports, retailers both online and bricks and mortar stores, KOW Facebook groups around Australia and plenty more. This a fantastic bit of work by the guys organising KOW at Cancon, while Facebook is a great way to communicate, sometimes finding important bits of info can be difficult and this will provide an easy to find place for all your Kings of War needs. For those on certain devices or browsers that find the website difficult to read, the organisers have already indicated a desire to improve the layout of the site in the not too distant future.

Kings of War Rankings
You will also notice on the Clash of Kings website a link to Kings of War Australia Rankings which a few KOW enthusiasts have put together and are going to maintain. Full information including a very easy way to Opt Out has been announced on the Wargamerau forum. For anyone like me that has always avoided events and anything to do with rankings, I can assure you the guys putting the rankings together, and many of the tournament organisers around the country, I have personally either talked to via email, social media, or met in person and had a game with, are all top blokes just doing their bit to bring the KOW community together and add a little bit of friendly competition and fun. None to date I’ve found to meet my preconception of the “hardcore win at all cost gamer”, if anything all of them seem extremely helpful to other players including those that are their current opponent in a game. Anyone that has never been to a gaming event, I would strongly encourage you to give a KOW one a try, they are absolutely fantastic ways to have a few games and meet a few like minded people, in what is typically a more casual crowd and environment then you would think. And if you are concerned about a poor performance, don’t worry you’re not alone, I came dead last at my previous showing, but still had a fantastic day which is what it’s all about.

Kings of War Newcastle and Maitland
Kings of War around Newcastle and the Hunter is starting to grow, and as such a Kings of War – Newcastle & Maitland Facebook group has now been created to help those wishing to find a game, event, or show off their beautifully painted army locally (that's certainly not me, I don't have an artistic bone in my body).
Anyone else wishing to have a shout out to their Kings of War Facebook page, club or gaming group feel free to flick us an email at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au and we’ll add it to our website and newsletter. The Clash of Kings website is also another great place to advertise, so contacting the administrators through their contact form would also be a great idea.

Refer a Friend

And lastly due to the encouraging efforts of others, The Gaming Guy has decided to do our bit to help the Kings of War community by way of a refer a friend Kings of War program. All you need to do is contact us at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au and let us know you are wanting to help grow the KOW scene, be it a friend, family member, son, nephew, your own gaming group whether already in existence or a desire to start one. We will then send you back your own Promotional code that you can give out to any friends and family. This code can be entered at checkout, giving great discounts on Kings of War products not just for those you are wishing to refer, but yourself as well. These discounts will take prices to fantastic levels reducing the entry point to KOW, including mega army sets to prices below $150. Later in the year we are also planning prizes for the most referred, so jump the gun and get a start, as referrals now will still count toward your tally.

New Items and Restocks

New Items and stacks of restocks have recently arrived, first and foremost the new Empire of Dust range for Kings of War, as a current EOD player using proxies I am very tempted to over time transition my army to the Mantic range, these miniatures are some of the best Mantic have produced. Kings of War army sets are all mostly back in stock, including the ever popular Ogre and Abyssal Dwarf Mega armies, Ogre’s in particular are fantastic value with the ability to put the best part of 2,000 of the tabletop with some good multi basing.Apart from Kings, Deadzone has also had some new arrivals including Marauder and Reb Faction Starters. And finally from Army painter, most of the individual warpaints have come back in stock.

Kings of War SGC
Sydney Gaming Championships ("SGC")

The Sydney Gaming Championships were run over the weekend and I managed to not only sponsor, but to attend and play in the Kings of War tournament. A big thankyou to Nick and all his helpers for making it such a great event. I personally had a blast and would strongly encourage anyone to give any event run by Nick a go, fantastic TO and the KOW scene around Sydney owes a lot to the time and effort Nick puts into running these events. For those looking for event dates, not just around Sydney but anywhere around Australia, both the Mantic section of Wargamerau forum or the Kings of War Australia Facebook group are a great place to start. 

Sponsor of Kings of War ConVIC 2016

The Gaming Guy is proud to announce it's sponsorship of Kings of War tournament at ConVIC 2016 on the 9th & 10th of July, details for the tournament can be found at either the KOW ConVIC Facebook Page or website . Unfortunately I won't be able to make it there in person, but we wish everyone a good time and happy gaming, and hopefully we may see you next year.

Newcastle NSW - 15% Off Kings of War Plus Free Shipping!!! (ENDS SUNDAY 19th JUNE) 
With the recent buzz around the first major Kings of War tournament in Newcastle, we thought what better way to encourage those in and around Newcastle to get on board than by offering free postage plus 15% off already low prices of Kings of War and Movement trays. Plenty of time to get an army together and a few games under your belt. All you need to do is enter voucher code KOWCA2016 at the checkout, offer is only available for a limited time, and to postcodes 2280-2287, 2289-2300, 2302-2308  & 2322-2323 only.
Any orders using this voucher code outside of the above specified postcodes will be cancelled and refunded, however if you live just outside one of these postcodes, please feel free to email us at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au, and we will let you know if we can extend the offer (no guarantee's).
Second Edition Deadzone now Available
2nd Edition Deadzone has landed on our shelves this week, with a number of items already sold. 1st Edition was a good game that has been tweaked where needed taking 2nd edition into the Great game status. The starter box set comes in at a better price point without losing any of that deadzone goodness. Enforcer and Forge Father faction starters and boosters are also available and absolutely great value. 
Kings of War Forces of Nature
Kings of War - Forces of Nature Released

The Forces of Nature have arrived, including the always great value Army Set and Mega Army Set, in addition to Centaurs, Salamanders, Naiads and the Greater Earth Elemental. May has also seen restocks for Forces of The Abyss and the ever popular Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf Kings Quest.

Deadzone Sale  - Extended to the End of May
From now till the end of May we are running Deadzone stock at 40% off already low prices, stock is going out the door so hurry and grab yours before it's all gone.
Amera Plastic Mouldings
Amera Scenery March Restocks
This week has seen restocks of some our more popular products from Amera. For the Fantasy gamers there is the likes of Temple Ruins, Moorland Hillock or Pond, Wooden Thatched House, House with Chimney or Scenery Set. Or for those more Modern or Sci Fi orientated there is the ever popluar City Block Ruins, Demolished Buildings, Craters and Strategic Bunker
The Army Painter Starter Paint Set
The Army Painter Restocks

Couple of Army Painter products have come back in stock this week, most notibly is the very popular Starter paint set, as well as basing materials like the Swamp and Wilderness Tufts.

Reaper Miniatures
Reaper Miniatures have arrived
First Order of Reaper has hit the Webstore. We will look to expand the range over the coming months, so if there is anything you are after shoot us an email at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au and let us know what you are looking for.
Kings of War Gamers Rulebook
Kings of War New Items & Restocks

We have had a small Kings of War order arrive this week. New items now available are the Goblin Big Rock ThrowerSharpstick Thrower and Red Goblin Biggit.

Restocks include the Gamer's Edition Rulebook, Unchartered Empire's, Undead Mega Army and the OOP Goblin Army Set, this set has been replaced so these couple will likely be the last we sell. The new Goblin Army set and many more restocks are expected later this month.

Kings of War Movement Trays
Movement Trays - Back in Stock

We have most of the popular movement trays back in stock, in particular the regiment tray 100mm x 80mm, this sold out in 24 hours last time so have stocked up on a few more this time round. But numbers are still limited so grab yours fast!

Reaper Miniatures
Reaper Miniatures - Coming soon to The Gaming Guy

Kings of War CanCon 2016
Kings of War - CanCon 2016

Good luck to everyone heading to CanCon this weekend, and in particular to those participating in the first Kings of War tournament at CanCon. From what I've heard numbers have reached 50 which is absolutely fantastic. For those like myself that couldn't make it or weren't ready, there is always next year, when I'm sure it will be even bigger and better. 

The Gaming Guy Australia
Kings of War – Newcastle and the Hunter 2016

Despite the ever increasing popularity of Kings of War in general, Newcastle and the Hunter is as yet to have a single Kings of War event since the release of 2nd edition. With that in mind we thought we would attempt to do our bit and offer generous prize support for anyone wishing to run an event anytime in 2016 throughout Newcastle and the Hunter. In addition to prize support we will also assist promoting the event, and depending on where and our availability, assist in the preparation and running if required. If anyone is interested in running their own Kings of War tournament, no matter how small or casual it may be, please contact us at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au to discuss what you have in mind.

December New Items
Plenty of new items stocked this month from both Mantic and Amera. First and foremost for Kings of War we have the Unchartered Empires Expansion Book, couple of copies left but if we run out be sure to contact us so we can hold you a copy from our next order. Also new from Kings of war we have the new Elf Dragon Kindred Lord, Abyssal Dwarf Supreme Iron-caster on Great Winged Halfbreed, Ogre Berserker Braves, Hunters and Chariot Regiment, Orc Godspeaker, Chariot and Fight Wagon Regiments. And to help keep those armies moving in formation we now also have in stock Movement Trays in Kings of War specific sizes.
From Amera we have three new items available, Straight and Corner Industrial Pipes, great for use in futuristic games like 40k and Warpath, and possibly my new favourite item from Amera, the Pyramid, great for any desert style battlefields, in particular Tomb Kings or Empire of Dust players will love these. This piece is quite a large bit of scenery with the added practicality of a flat top that units can stand and shoot from, essentially a better looking hill!
Kings of War CanCon 2016
Sponsor of Kings of War CanCon 2016

The Gaming Guy is proud to announce it's sponsorship of Kings of War tournament at CanCon in January next year, details for the tournament can be found at the KOW Cancon Facebook Page. A big thankyou really needs to go to Andrew aka "Guns" for putting his hand up to organise the event, it would of been sad to see KOW not at CanCon with the growing support and fanbase. I'm confident KOW will be a huge success and will begin an ongoing partnership between KOW CanCon and the The Gaming Guy.

Warpath Kickstarter last days!

Our friends at Mantic are back at it again with a kickstarter for their futuristic mass sci-fi game Warpath, details can be found HERE. Considering how well the rules are written for their other game systems I would strongly encourage anyone to get involved, this will be a fantastic game and one I cannot wait for. But hurry it’s now in it’s final week.

Kings of War 2nd Edition
Kings of War 2nd Edition Now available from the Online Store

Full Hardcopy Rulebook is now available from the Online Store. Copies are already flying out the door so grab yours fast. Other new items include the Forest Shamblers, Greater Obsidian Golem, Dwarf Sharpshooters and plenty more. And don't forget, if we run out of stock, send us a message via the Contact Us page of what you are after from Mantic and we'll order it in for you.

Mantic Player Finder / Map

This http://www.communitywalk.com/mantic_clubs link has only just been brought to my attention and I thought it would be helpful to all those Kings of War, Deadzone, Mars Attacks and Dreadball players. Players and clubs can put a marker on the map with details of what they play and how they can be contacted. The default view is in the UK (where the map started), you can either zoom out and manually move the map to Australia or use the Add Marker feature and it will take you there. I would strongly encourage everyone to use it, would be great for players to more easily find one another.

Kings of War 2nd Edition Release

The downloadable 2nd Edition Kings of War has been released, and can be found HERE. Very keen to give it a go and would strongly encourage anyone into or looking to get into Mass Fantasy war gaming to do so as well. The hardback full rulebook however we will have to wait for, hopefully in August it will become available, if you would like to reserve a copy just send me a message via the contact us page.

The End of Warhammer Fantasy
As we all know by now, Warhammer Fantasy is not going to have a 9th edition. There has been much rage over the ditching of Warhammer Fantasy, and to be honest I felt a little the same to begin with, but now just the quiet sadness and regret that Games Workshop did not have one last attempt to bring the game that made them what they are back into the limelight. Couldn’t they have run Age of Sigmar in conjunction with WFB? Age of Sigmar I believe is a great idea, and I fully applaud Games Workshop for releasing it as it may very well bring fresh blood back into the game, but surely it could have helped Fantasy while Fantasy helped keep those players looking for something a little more complex.But alas, Games Workshop has decided to leave WFB in the past and move in a new direction, and as I am not a smarter man, who am I to argue?

My Goodbye to the Game I Loved
Warhammer Fantasy was the game that brought me into the war gaming fold and will forever hold a nostalgic place in my heart. Many a green ginger wine, or my mate’s home brews were had over a great, or not so great game of WFB. Discussing the pro’s and con’s of a specific tactic, unit or overall army make up (or the damn dice gods wrath) took just as much time as the actual playing. Even to this day we occasionally reminisce about a certain battle had over ten years ago. It was in many ways some of the best memories I have, and for that I owe Games Workshop a big thank you. And to all those planning on keep it alive I say goodluck, and I hope you truly succeed and I see you again across the tabletop playing the community run Warhammer Fantasy 8.1
Warpath Alpha Rules
Warpath - Alpha Rules Free Download
For those that haven't already heard, the alpha rules for Warpath have been released and are available for free download Here. For those not familiar with Warpath and/or Mantic Games, Warpath is a mass battle sci-fi miniatures game very similar to Warhammer 40k (what else would you expect from Mantic), but like the rest of their range extremely affordable. I myself have not yet tested these alpha rules however as a Kings of War fan, and having played their old Warpath rules (great but a few issues which I believe Mantic has looked to fix), I can't wait to give these a try, and even more excited for the future when they get officially released.
Amera & Battlezones both now available from the online Store!!!!
Amera Plastic Mouldings
 Amera Plastic Mouldings - Coming Soon
With a shipment on its way The Gaming Guy will soon be stocking Amera products. Amera produce scale model dioramas, wargaming terrain, scenery and kits. More infomation can be found at their website http://www.amera.co.uk/ 
The Gaming Guy at first will be stocking a large range of their 28mm Fantasy and 28mm Future Zone products including hills, rivers, trenchs, roads and buildings. These are perfect for use in Kings of War, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Deadzone, Warpath and more, so keep an eye out in our online store. If you would like to jump the queue and get first dibbs feel free to email us at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au.  
Kings of War – Beta 2nd Edition Rules
Mantic Games have made available for playtesting Beta rules for the up and coming release of second edition Kings of War,

Deadzone Infestation - Kickstarter
Mantic Games have opened the Deadzone Infestation kickstarter, more information available from the Mantic Blog http://manticblog.com/2015/03/22/deadzone-infestation-breakdown/