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Massive storewide sale with everything up to 40% off. The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game Core Set just $50, in addition to great discounts on expansions and boosters. For our Kings of War enthusiasts there are plenty of options with mega armies dropped to just $140, and standard army sets now $79.50. Big savings can also be found on individual units, heroes and warmachines, and with just over two months until the biggest Kings of War event on the Australian calendar at CanCon, there is still time to put that Kings of War army together. For those more into futuristic wargaming, Deadzone or Warpath might be more down your alley. For paints and modelling supplies check out our Army Painter range, in particular the Warpaints are at a massively reduced $3.25 each. And for those looking for some more scenery, Amera products offer some fantastic value, or alternatively Battlezones with their excellent modular terrain, including ruins and industrial kits to check out. Stocks are limited so grabs yours before they're gone.


To avoid the need to scroll through items currently unavailable, we have taken on board feedback and turned Out of Stock items to invisible. Now only currently available items will show or feature in searches. If you would like to order an out of stock, or an up and coming new release item from Mantic, Reaper, Amera or Army Painter, please email us at enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au with what you are after, and we can discuss pricing and when we expect our next shipment.

Redeeming Multiple Vouchers

Currently we are unable to redeem multiple vouchers in the one transaction. In the event you have more than one and wish to redeem in the one transaction, please email enquiries@thegamingguy.com.au with your voucher codes and we will reply with an updated code for the combined amount. Apologies for any inconvenience and happy gaming.